Are you trying to ‘Get out of a Funk’? Maybe you should try “Getting into a Funk”

We have all been in a funk haven’t we? We have all told ourselves that if we could just snap out of this Funk we would be all good! We could start experiencing the joy of life we were meant to have! But WHAT IF the Funk was the key!


Well it is Monday Morning, and you are dragging yourself out of bed and wondering what happened to the pause we call the weekend.  I am sure you are like me, and wonder where it went, and how you are going to face yet another week.  

Where are you going to find the inspiration you need to take the plunge and just keep going?  Getting out of your Funk is a narrative that has been buzzing through your head for so long, that you feel you have lost of all sense of which way is up.  

You probably keep telling yourself that if you are going find any sense of order and control in your life, you are going to have to find some balance!

What if I told the key to the peace you are so desperately searching for isn’t found in Getting out of your Funk…What if ‘the Funk’ is actually what you need?



I am currently writing several post that are words over this season in my life:

Convergence, Margin, and Rhythm

As I am stepping into this next season, I am taking on some new roles and these are specific words that have been spoken over me, and have been prayed out for my family.  

This seriously encourages me, because they are the very three words that have been appearing in my journal, my personal prayers and in my spirit for the past 5 months!

At the Clark house, we are learning to discover new rhythm’s!  My oldest daughter, Madison, is learning to play the Bass!  She has always had a bent towards the arts and creativity, and is starting in the school band this year.

Mado Funk

God provided us with a new Bass, and the ability to purchase it from Aussie here in Colorado Springs!  This miraculous provision is yet another tangible example of the way God is speaking to me and my family.  

As Mado is getting into the Funk, we are learning a lot about Rhythm. Rhythm is a framework that I hope will encourage you to reframe the battle that we all face in structuring our lives so that they can be more effective and meaningful.  

There isn’t a better place to find Rhythm, than in that crazy genre of Funk!  When I am rocking on George Clinton and P Funk All-Star band I can’t help but move!

When I listen to Bootsy Collins slapping that Bass I get UNSTUCK!  

I love how George Clinton describes the true power of Funk.


“Funk doesn’t only have the power to Move, but to REMOVE”.  

How sweet is that?  When you get into the Funk you find that Rhythm has the power to REMOVE. 

Getting into The Funk has the ability to dislodge the things that cause our lives to come to a grinding halt! 

I want you to know that you are not alone!  The reason Funk exist is because we are all are searching for a way got get out from under the grind of life, and find the ability to harness it’s madness!  

Balance has often been a framework used to help us begin to tame the numbing madness of life, and the pull we all experience as we seek mastery over our days.  

I totally understand that metaphor, and why it is so appealing!  We are all pulled in so many directions, and feel like we are walking a tightrope, seeking to hold on and not stumble into an ever ending void of aimlessness!  But I also think that when we view it through that grid we immediately infuse tension into our solution!  

When we are seeking balance in our lives, we are forced to spread our energy and focus around, so that the weight of our commitments and obligations are evenly distributed to maintain stability.  That is all good, and the principles embedded in this conversation are valid, and will lead to more productivity and effectiveness.  My only reservation is the tension that emerges when something gets off kilter.  

In this scenario are we limiting ourselves? When the scheduled and allotted boxes that we allocate our lives to, don’t fit our day, we have tension.  We are forced to redistribute the weight to maintain harmony.   

What if the way there was a way to engage this dilemma in such a manner that provided us a flexibility of temperament that enabled us to give 100% of ourselves to each area.  What if this creative power of engagement and presence were a renewable resource and not as limited as we perceive.    

Please understand that I realize we all only have so much time and energy in a given day.  But what if the framework of Rhythm allowed us to escape the drain that happens as we scan our lives and experience tension when we sense our we are off track?  

I purpose that the Rhythm metaphor has the same goals and aspirations, but recognizes that like music, life is full of peaks and throughs. Life is full of Ebbs and Flows. Establishing rhythm, gives us the ability to adjust, focus, and structure ourselves to make the most of every moment.  

Yes, there are season’s that have varying different constraints and complexities, but it is through the long-arch of mastering these constraints that we create and DISCOVER RHYTHM.

So how do you find Rhythm in any given season? How do you adjust when you realize you are terribly off beat?  I hate to be so cliche and simplistic but you pause!  You listen, and you rediscover the the beat life was meant to be marked by and restructure to be in alignment with that melody!  This way to discover this is in your heart and in the pattern of the creation around you.  

What is the beat you want to live your life by?  What is the rhythm it was meant move to? I encourage you to take the time to pause, listen and envision the sound you are meant to be living?  

I want to sign off by encouraging you to boldly face this Monday and walk into it with a little slide in your stride, and a little dip in your hip and stay in the funk!

Thanks so much Have a great week!  

 I want to Thank Todd Henry over at Accidental Creative.  He is the author of the Accidental Creative and Die Empty and these books and his podcast have had such a profound impact on my life and thinking!  I don’t want to plagiarize in anyway.  These thoughts are from several years of digesting his work and ideas and have contributed greatly to this dialogue!