KOA Summer’s Words from the Road by Ken

Just sitting here with my little Sam in front of the fire at a KOA campground in Alamosa, Colorado. We are staying  just a few minutes away from the Great Sand Dunes National Forest and the Rio Grande River.  The Clark’s are looking forward to this opportunity to spend a couple days away together.

Pulling into the KOA Campground today, we knew it was going be a fun. The kids instantly made friends, they played on the playground which was directly across from our little cabin.  Then went swimming, got to hang out in the game room, and go walking around camp with all the kids on a night hike. I’m telling you they had a blast.  Meg and I were able to just be together, and enjoy a peaceful Colorado Evening Breeze and a glorious sunset!

As I sit looking into the fire, reflecting back over the day, it was like revisiting a time long ago. This setting takes me back to the summer before I met Meg over 15 years ago. That summer, I had the awesome privilege of ‘Road Tripping‘ to Alaska.  We packed up the camper and left Kentucky, drivig down to Georgia and then across to California, and finally making our way up to Alaska.  After a glotious month in Alaska, we headed home driving diagonally back across the country, following much of the the path Lewis and Clark took so many years ago. We drove threw 19 States and 2 provinces in Cananda.  It was the Road Trip of a lifetime, and I did the whole summer for only $600!

That summer I spent almost every night on the road in a KOA Campground. As I am back in a rustic little camping cabin that I first saw on that Alaska road trip, it is such a blessing to be back at a KOA with my AMAZING WIFE, and three incredible kids.  That is something I coldn’t have dreamed of all those years ago. What a great day! Thank You Jesus!   



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