My Heart Is EXPLODING!             Thoughts from Ken
I am so looking forward to sharing with you a few ideas that are really igniting my heart today!  My hope is that you profit from them as well!
Below is a quote from a book I am reading at the moment called   Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters  #Jon Acuff
Just Start.
StartYou’re just going to be a Starter.
The Starting line is the only line you completely control. The start is the only moment you’re the boss of.
The finish? Don’t kid yourself. That’s months, if not years away. You’re going to meet dozens of people who are going to impact your finish. You going to have countless opportunities, experiences and challenges that dot the map of awesome you’re following  There are cliffs and rivers and jungles can’t begin to fathom. You’re going to stand on the mountain top that is better than anything you’ve ever dreamed and laugh at the idea that you could plot out your finish.
The Start? You own that son. That’s yours.
I was the one who took the first step across the starting line.  The one who said, “Let’s see where this goes!”
That’s the tension you’ll have to face you. You have to work incredibly hard on your start. You have to be deliberate and intentional and focused. You have to be a Starter. And then you have to be brave enough and prepared enough to react surprise presents itself.
When Dave Ramsey asked me to think about joining his team, he didn’t call me out the blue. I’d spoken to his entire team three times already. I spent two years interacting with this company. I’ve been on the road booking my own speaking gigs writing my first book,I’d been learning as much as I could on my own. I’d been starting.
When he offered me a job a path diverged before me, i was ready. I’d spent two years starting,and i was ready to run once the next leg of the journey came into view.
I Have Started!
As I sit down to write today, I can say with confidence saying, I have started!
The journey ahead will be both long and challenging, but I also know it will be exciting, IT ALREADY IS!
My family and I moved to Colorado Springs in August 2013, and immediately got plugged into the opportunities before us!  The opportunities have been rewarding, but very time consuming!  We have been through a very long and exhausting season of ministry, and now we are taking a couple weeks to pause, enjoy each other, and prepare launch out again.
This break is seriously the first time I have had to relax a long time!   Of course, the family would love to pack up the van, and head to the beach, but that is not a luxury that we can afford at the moment. Instead, we are able to enjoy a little STAY-CATION and our Stay-Cation has been a very refreshing time to reflect, regroup and #DreamAgain.
Library Raids
One of the reasons I am so thankful for brief break is that we are only a couple minutes away from a GREAT library!  We have been using the extra free hours to go and grab Bags Full of books. Let me just assure we are enjoying some great finds!  The other day Chloe grabbed several books on to a humming bird after visiting an exhibit at Helen Hunt Falls. It was so fun because she found the all on her own!
One treasure that I have been devouring, is a book called Start. Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That MattersThe quotes above are from his book.
Perfect Timing
Honestly the timing of all these books are perfect!  I have am walking out the ideas Jon talks about and I have started.  I am launching out on a dream that has developing in my life for quite some time!  I have been an avid podcast junkie and consumer of great online content for years!  I often find myself taking all the ideas I have amassed during one of my “digital consumption binges” and weaving them into the various areas I serve developmening of the staff and teams I am investing in.
New Season of Intentional Leadership Development
In my role at work, I am launching into a new phase in which I will be investing even more time, energy and creativity into developing & training our staff.  We have a vision of #50Strong of raising up 50 young leaders to be sent out into the nations, to pioneer and sustain works that are advancing the Kingdom of God in the least reaches people groups on the planet.  The idea is to invest what has been poured into me through various leaders and role models in my life.  I am also seeking to be open and vulnerable enough to share the many stories of where I HAVE BLOWN IT!!!
Planing, Plotting and Preparing
Along the way of planing, plotting and preparing, I have collided with a part myself that has been dormant for a long time!  THE DREAMER!  I love dreaming, creativity and innovation!  Nothing excites me more…well OK other than BBQ and Sweet Tea maybe but you get my point.  In this revival of an area I feel is a gifting, I have come up with the Audacious idea.  WHY NOT BEGIN CREATING CONTENT!  WHY NOT BEGIN PACKING THE LOVE AFFAIR I have with the power of ideas and the spoken word.  I love to consume it, but why not begin adding value to the world around me and begin producing it myself!!!
On the Launching Pad
Through the process of exploration of this hunch, I have already purchased two websites, the one you are reading now www.kenandmegclark.com and www.theconvergenceforum.com   In previous post I have shared some of my thoughts for starting our personal blog about our ministry and family life  BUT there is another dream and stream for The Convergence Forum.
Being Creative and Finding New Revenue Streams
First I have GOT to find a way of creating more income for my family! We long to continue doing what we do, because we love and see the true value in it!  We just need more to continue doing it well and for the Long Haul.  We serve in a faith based non-profit organization and have to raise our all of financial support.  Honestly we are literally just scrapping by.  There are many reasons for that, many of which rest right here squarely on ME!  I am passionate about communication but often am a slave to the urgent and not to sharing the story with those outside of my circle.   But the time is now!  I am in a Kiaros Moment where I can capitalize on the growth ahead!
My Tomorrow is embedded in This Moment
This blog and podcast are birthed out of passion as well as my values and convictions.  Whether this blog and podcast will provide the extra that we must bring in or simply the process leads to it I KNOW THAT TOMORROW IS IN THIS Moment!
So Why the Convergence Forum?
In my life and spiritual journey, God has most often spoken to me through a simple word.  Words like ‘Convergence’ and they become a stream or thread of inspiration and revelation that speaks to me for months even years!  I feel that I am in one of those moments right now!!!
It is a Kiaros Moment  (come back and define) I want to unpack this with more clarity in a moment, but I want to give you a particle example of that right now.
Three Treasures from our Library Raids
So our recent Library Raids, have brought in on some great treasures for Me, Meg and the kids!  Meg and I both are picking books both they all seem to be a perfect fit and all part of bigger whole that we are processing at the moment!  Three books specifically that I would like to mention

  • Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters
  • The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice
  • Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity
Trust me, there are more than these BUT these three are foundational to the developing the creative process and enriching the journey I am on.  All three kind of fell in my lap at the same time, and focus on different facets of the process I am in the midst of.  Each of these books and the authors that wrote them, are coming from different life experiences and perspectives, but as they have intersected my life at this moment, they are converging and forming a highway that leads to where I long to go!
A Season of Convergence
OK now to back track a bit, and tell you where this word “Converge” emerged, and came to the forefront of my mind.   A few months back as I was wrapping up the the Justice & Mercy DTS, and getting ready to go to Lebanon to work with Syrian Refugees, God impressed onmy mind the idea doing a new school we were pioneering on our campus called, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.  Trust me that had to be divine because it was the last thing on my radar!
On the morning we were heading to the airport for our long flight to the Middle East, my 5 year daughter Chloe, handed me a brochure for the Business School.  It was totally out of the blue, but I held on to it, and looked at the whole time I was in Lebanon!  After returning from Lebanon, I jumped right back into leading our next Momentum DTS and was extremely busy!  All through that season, I kept getting this nudge to explore the idea more!  Well I did, Meg and I prayed discussed etc.  Even though it didn’t make sense I decided to give it a go!
The Momentum DTS finished in April and a day or two later I started the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.  In the first week ofd the school we were challenged to ask God about the season we were in and to get his heart for the things we would be investing so much time and energy into.  Well I felt that the word convergence would define the time and throughout the time so many things came to together.  The entire journey was one where Key relationships, Works that I had previously been invested in, and revolutionary ideas came together to fit into one cohesive whole!  It was amazing!!!   it was a season of coming together a season of connection a season of CONVERGENCE.
Vision for ‘The Convergence Forum’
I have already alluded to some of the vision of why I want to launch out into this next thing. But let me again articulate what it is I want this space to become.  This will be something that I do alongside the forming of the Leadership Program we are doing on our campus.  Meg and I will be working together with others on our campus to begin a holistic culture of investing heavily into the young  leaders that are returning to staff with us after their Discipleship Training School.
 I believe that the lessons to learned through this process are going to be invaluable, and will translate well beyond the sphere of what we are doing.  The Leadership Development Industry is a $170 Billion Dollar a year industry, and one that will only to continue to explode.  What if the way God is speaking to us could also address the needs that many feel around the world, as they seek to build stronger indivivdauls and  teams in their small businesses,  companies and organizations. Wouldn’t be more inline with the character of God to be preparing more than for our small community, but to have a global reach. I know God has insight that He longs to pour out that will impact the hungry multitudes!
Power and Renewal In the Process
As I stated earlier I think my tomorrow is going to found in this moment, I think for us all the key is found in the process!  In the book Start Jon Acuff discusses this idea about our culture obsession with finding our purpose.  He dispels this notion that our purpose is like finding “The One”  but that there are many purposes we will have in our lives.
Listen to the Idea in his words.
“Don’t get Locked into a single purpose statement that suffocates you. Live with purpose and enjoy a thousand different passions as you continually walk the road to awesome…Forget finding a purpose. it’s a never ending story that will leave you empty.”
Acuff goes on to convey the concept LIVE WITH PURPOSE INSTEAD. Love your spouse with PURPOSE…Play with your kids with PURPOSE… VACATION with PURPOSE.
He lands this idea with a very profound insight when that we often view purpose as a destination, but it needs to be thought of as the PROCESS.
The process that I must fully engage  on this path, is where I will find my tomorrow.  It is where I will be able to think through the strategies and tactics our ministry seeks to employ to keep moving forward  to expand the Kingdom of God!
I want to share this journey with the world!  I want to grow and it will take me being challenged stretched and uncomfortable but I want it!
Prayers and Input Need!
As I take this step I really do want to ask your prayers.  I need it in my writing, in my thinking, in my time management and for influence beyond the circles and circuits I routinely traverse.  I need prayers for empowerment I need input for honing!  I want to see a message emerge from this journey that can impact others! That can reflect our creator and be salt in this generation!
Come by and follow the progress at #theconvergenceforum
I want to sign off with this really great quote I grabbed from a  great blog The Practical Historian.  This is quote is yet another way of revealing the power of Starting and how our purpose is found in the Process!
“Write every day, line by line, page by page, hour by hour. Do this despite fear. For above all else, beyond imagination and skill, what the world asks of you is courage, courage to risk rejection, ridicule and failure. As you follow the quest for stories told with meaning and beauty, study thoughtfully but write boldly. Then, like the hero of the fable, your dance will dazzle the world.”
― Robert McKee

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